Kite Equipment rental

For our experienced kiters, we have a full set of rental kitesurfing equipment available. All gear is 100% North Kiteboarding equipment and you can even have a chance to test the latest prototypes for the following year !

Riders must be able to show valid IKO Level 3K license or equivalent. Or demonstrate necessary skills required of an independent rider, such as riding in both directions upwind between other riders, must understand and respecting the right of way rules. They also must be able to retrieve their board by themselves.

Our safety boats and staff provide help in case needed!

Rental Rates

1/2 Day
1 Day
3 Days
5 Days
1 Week
2 Weeks

Full Pack*
45 US$ 65 US$ 160 US$ 240 US$ 330 US$ 560 US$

Kite + Bar
25 US$ 45 US$ 105 US$ 150 US$ 170 US$ 290 US$

15 US$ 22 US$ 52 US$ 85 US$ 105 US$ 185 US$

9 US$ 15 US$ 30 US$ 45 US$ 65 US$ 110 US$
*Full Pack = kite+ Bar + board, harness. Above prices do not include equipment insurance.
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