Review: RoadWage

Review: RoadWage

I guess RoadWage, by the freshman gaming division of Real Systems (the aptly named RealGames) is technically a “game” — I mean you do use the keyboard to move around a car in an attempt to get it to go somewhere and not die in the process.


However, RoadWage is not really fun, with gameplay that seems like it was invented as the programmers went along (or when they figured out how to perform a new graphics programming technique).

It’s obvious that the game designers (if there were any) were attempting to create a mindless arcade-type game — there are really only three controls in the game: left, right, and fire. Your job as a taxi/delivery driver is to get to the end of the board before the time runs out. Along the way, you collect power-ups (there are tons, none of which are original) while attempting to deliver packages to targets along the sides of the roads. It comes off like an odd mix between the arcade classics Road Blasters and Paperboy, but executed quite poorly.

The game fails right off the bat for its horrible controls. Your car, viewed from above, can change lanes by pushing left and right, but moves far too quickly. At some times (like around turns) the car oddly drives itself, which is quite disorientating, as most of us wh have played video games in the past are used to actually turning the car ourselves.

RoadWage does have at least one good aspect: …