Kronoberg Slott – One of Sweden's Many Medieval Castle Ruins

Kronoberg Slott – One of Sweden's Many Medieval Castle Ruins

One of the many things I adore about living in Sweden is the abundance of castles and castles ruins. I think I could spend the rest of my life here and still not get to explore them all. Just when I’ve said THIS one is the coolest so far, I stumble upon yet another extremely cool find. So it was with Kronoberg Slott. Slott is the Swedish word which encompasses castle, manor, palace, and fortification. In the case of Kronoberg, it is a castle ruin.

Kronoberg Slott lies on Helgasjon (Lake Helga) outside the town of Vaxsjo in the region of Smaland, which lies in the country of Sweden. Kronoberg was a very important defensive holding back in the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries. It started off as the seat of the Bishop of Vaxsjo, and the castle itself was built around 1444. There are numerous plaques scattered around the grounds of this castle ruin telling visitors of the history.

Although the infamous Skane Wars between Sweden & Denmark happened, naturally, in Skane, it did extend a bit out and into Smaland from time to time. This is how Kronoberg Castle became involved in this territorial war between the two countries.

Although I hate to see castles once grand in ruins, it did make Kronoberg very accessible for me, being handicapped and all. I had no problems whatsoever navigating any part of this historic structure. From the parking lot to the drawbridge is all flat with a slight incline, and …