Kiteboarding – Learning The Sport

Kiteboarding – Learning The Sport

Learning the simple steps as a beginner of Kiteboarding

For those who have heard of kiteboarding but are not sure what it is or how you begin to learn we have some simple tips to get you started. Kiteboarding is a lot like wakeboarding except without the boat pulling you. Kiteboarding involves the wakeboard, a parabolic kite that is tethered by 100-foot lines. Throw in some wind and a lot of water and then you have kiteboarding. Experts in kiteboarding can get 50 feet in the air and reach speeds of over 50 mile per hour. However, for those who want to begin, kiteboarding is a simple sport to learn. We have some tips on basic skills and equipment to help you get started.

1. Kiteboarding Begins With Lessons on Land

Kite control is the majority of what kiteboarding is all about. Most lessons will begin on the beach learning and practicing with special training kites. These practice-training kites have shorter, easy to control lines on the kites. Beginners learn to control the kite within the 180-degreee arc in the sky.

2. Controlling Your Body in Kiteboarding

As you can imagine, the sport of kiteboarding involves a lot of body dragging. When learning to kiteboard you will practice being dragged through the water. Beginner’s lessons have you fly the kite close to the water without the wakeboard. Keeping your face down and your legs together, you allow the kite to drag you through the water. This action allows your torso …