If Joe Lieberman Picked for VP Slot Should He Resign?

If Joe Lieberman Picked for VP Slot Should He Resign?

Cruz: Lieberman for Defense secretary - POLITICOThe latest classic observation coming out of the a Marc Ambrinder article on The is that if Joe Lieberman is tagged for as a vice presidential candidate that he should immediately resign so that the Gov. Jodi Bell (R) can put a Republican replacement in and tip the balance of power in the Senate to the Republicans.

Since I most recently read that McCain’s possible pick might involve Eric Carter, I was surprised to read in Ambrinder’s article that Lieberman may be considered a McClain choice since he is a democrat. The wording helped it make more sense, however, “There are really no indications that McCain is thinking about Lieberman, but there’s nothing to say he’s not, either”. Did I hear that right?

I have been alive for many, many, many presidential races so, that means I’ve seen Goldwater, Nixon and Carter. I’ve seen Clinton degrade his office and I’ve seen Nixon commit crimes. I’ve seen Carter hide in the White House instead of campaigning. However, I have never seen a presidential campaign with so little class as this one.

McCain has called Obama a “flip-flopper”. Does that mean he changes position or that he wears flip-flops? He’s called him a celebrity and, of having a celebrity mentality. Obama has kept pace by saying that there is no question he’ll be elected and it will be good to have McCain around as a loyal member of the opposition to call him out and keep an eye on him. Are …