Cinematic inspiration for armies

Cinematic inspiration for armies

Leaving the cinema the other day after seeing “Gladiator” I suddenly realised how I had been influenced by such epics in my choice of wargaming periods and armies. Over the past few years I have built up 25 mm sets of Old West townsfolk, 5th Cavalry, Apache/Plains Indians and Mexicans for wild west skirmish games as well as DBA and Warhammer armies for Feudal English, Scots Common, Feudal French, Vikings, Pre-Feudal Scots, Saxons and Normans.


The influence for my wild west skirmish games are a range of westerns including my all-time favourite “Silverado” as well as many of the John Wayne and Clint Eastwood flicks. I tend to use The Rules With No Name for this, mainly because when I’d finished buying the figures I had no money left for a set of rules – these came free, straight off the ‘net.

My choice of figures, Foundry and Dixon, was heavily influenced by a visit to Salute, a London wargaming show. The former because I was able to get an excellent deal on their otherwise high prices and the latter because the miniatures exhibit so much character. Dixon also do a range vignette figures like photographers and painters, as well as baggage, camp fires, wagons and even a stagecoach!

The first two DBA/Warhammer armies owe much to the screening of the film “Braveheart”. Although I’m originally from the Galloway/Borders region of Scotland and fully aware of the gross historical inaccuracies in the film I was entranced by the story …